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Ole Miss crowns first African-American homecoming queen, 50 years after the university ends segregation.

Fifty-years ago Courtney Roxanne Pearson would not have been allowed to enroll at the University of Mississippi because she was black let alone think of becoming the first African-American homecoming queen of Ole Miss.

But today the 21-year-old senior English education student from Memphis is preparing for her historic crowning during the halftime ceremonies when Ole Miss faces off against Auburn University at the university football stadium.

'I am still in shock, but I am definitely very excited,' said Pearson who beat Ashleigh Davis for the chance to wear the crown 1,477 votes to 1,387 in a victory for the University of Mississippi's reputation in race relations.

AAANNNDDD she’s plus sized, dark brown skin!!! W.E.R.K.

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