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i love how things that working class people of color been doing 5eva get discovered by white hipsters as “revelations.”

meanwhile we don’t get no credit for nothin.

reminds me of the whole bike to work movement.  we BEEN biking/walking/riding buses because of our finances.

i guess activism is only activism when you are privileged enough to make “sacrifices.”

Why do people need credit for everything?

Sure, racism has and still exists in all societies around the world. I give you that. But what are you looking for? A cookie or something because you ride a bike to work?

I think there are bigger battles to fight when it comes to racism than to get some ‘credit’ for being environmental before it was cool

your original question should be asked of white people, who take credit for all the things that they steal.  why must white people be given credit for their thievery?

why must white supremacy invade every aspect of our damn lives?

second, do not dismiss my words as “not being big battles” when people of color bear witness to EVERY manifestation of racism, from the institution to the micro-aggression.  

typical bullshit.

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    who said this was a black racial issue? i said people of color. perhaps you missed that. i used the bike to work...
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    People in poverty of all skin tones use bikes over cars. Take china for example where the majority of people ride bikes...
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