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Someone sent this to me. Gurls, I think we need to talk… You’re all perfect. All of our fans. Perfect.
It’s almost as if we’re a cult. <3

This gives me an idea

I get what’s going down but all I can think of is how I used to clean up stuff like this. My parents have cleaned restaurants all their lives and I helped them since I was 7. People do stuff like this, like wipe their damn period blood on walls about feminism and shit without any fucking care. Guess who had to clean this up usually? Me. I have seen things in the restrooms I have cleaned over the years that has made me hate humanity with a passion.

^^^^ if you think you are awesome for making workers (mostly woc) clean up your bodily fluids you are a fucking evil sack of shit

I cleaned buildings at night with my mother. this shit is white feminism 

This hurts because there is so little thought given to who is cleaning up your period blood all over that wall. 

While you walk out of that stall feeling so ~radical~ you are actually doing just the opposite and walking all over largely POC, poor folks, folks with disabilities who are janitors. Many of which are women. 

Looking at this gets me mad because it makes me think of my daddy throughout my childhood coming home with bags under his eyes, sleeping for what seemed no more than 4 hours a day after a long shift many times double shifts cleaning stores and bathrooms. 

Fuck you.

white feminism strikes again.  how in the hell could you not realize that someone has to clean this shit up? that that someone is likely a brown/black person and most likely a woman?

this is why feminism will always be a white women’s movement.  white women go about doing self-empowerment crap that is really just about maintaining white female privilege, with no regard for anyone else.  this is why “This Bridge Called my Back” was such a necessary work…and all these later and they still don’t get it.

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i saw a movie this past summer (TW: sexual violence, CSA)

called Killer Joe, with Matthew McConaughey.

it’s billed as incredible, superb, one of the vest movies ever, etc, etc etc.

that shit was violent as hell, full of sexism, suggestions of incest and pedophilia fantasy, as well as a rape scene.

i started thinking about all of these other movies i’ve seen that are billed as these incredible, dark, deep comedies with “layers.”  

and i had to wonder: why in the hell does our society uplift these misogynistic, incest, rape-loving, violent as shit movies?

then i was like oh yeah…these movies were all made by men and reviewed by men, with essentially all of them being white. (which is why these movies often contain rampant use of the word nigger and terrible stereotypes about non-black POC.)

abusive, misogynistic, racist crap filled film noir?  this shit makes me nauseated.

this is when i throw my hands up and look for caves to move in to.

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itsraenbutterflies: real talk

or rather, 52 fewer men who don’t respect a woman’s autonomy over her own body, or her ability to own and express her sexuality in any damn way that she pleases.


Israel Admits To Giving Ethiopian Women Birth Control Shots

A government official has for the first time acknowledged the practice of injecting women of Ethiopian origin with the long-acting contraceptive Depo-Provera.

Health Ministry Director General Prof. Ron Gamzu has instructed the four health maintenance organizations to stop the practice as a matter of course. The ministry and other state agencies had previously denied knowledge or responsibility for the practice, which was first reported five years ago. Gamzu’s letter instructed “all gynecologists in the HMOs not to renew prescriptions for Depo-Provera for women of Ethiopian origin if for any reason there is concern that they might not understand the ramifications of the treatment.” Gamzu also instructed physicians to avail themselves of translators if need be.

Gamzu’s letter came in response to a letter from Sharona Eliahu-Chai of the Association of Civil Rights in Israel, representing several women’s rights and Ethiopian immigrants’ groups. The letter demanded the injections cease immediately and that an investigation be launched into the practice.

About six weeks ago, on an Educational Television program journalist Gal Gabbay revealed the results of interviews with 35 Ethiopian immigrants. The women’s testimony could help explain the almost 50-percent decline over the past 10 years in the birth rate of Israel’s Ethiopian community. According to the program, while the women were still in transit camps in Ethiopia they were sometimes intimidated or threatened into taking the injection. “They told us they are inoculations,” said one of the women interviewed. “They told us people who frequently give birth suffer. We took it every three months. We said we didn’t want to.

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Las Adelitas - Women of the Mexican Revolution

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additional thoughts about that connecticut supreme court ruling…

i was too horrified at what happened to this poor women to fully digest the headline…

but, women are presumed to be in a constant state of consent? misogyny & rape culture at it’s most grotesque.  

the court is basically saying that women are presumed to be available to men for sex at any given time.

because obviously, our bodies do not belong to ourselves, right?

i feel like exploding right now.

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Dark Shadows feminism...

Elizabeth Collins Stoddard: There are just a few questions, if you don't mind, that were not on the application.
Victoria Winters: Of course.
Elizabeth Collins Stoddard: Do you think the sexes should be equal?
Victoria Winters: Heavens no! Men would become unmanageable.
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When 5% is more important than 95%


I was thinking more last night and this morning about the asks I was getting last night about the inherent oppressiveness in sex work and how it is an institution that thrives on marginalization, trauma, violence, and abuse. How when confronted with the information that 95% of women who work in prostitution would do something else if they had the option, we’re still asked to focus on the “plight” of the 5% who wouldn’t, because they’re consenting to what they are doing, and so shouldn’t be “shamed” for it. Because their consent, which comes from a place of having the privilege of options, is more important than the 95% of women who can’t and aren’t consenting because nothing is consensual when there is no other choice.

How is celebrating sex work as a valid, even feminist “choice” not the epitome of ignoring the oppression of women who are economically disadvantaged, who are psychologically struggling from abuse and trauma, who are racial minorities, who are children, who are being trafficked and exploited, in favor of focusing on the happy, shiny experiences of a few well-off, usually educated and mostly white women who did sex work because they wanted to?

I will not support institutions that rely on a stable population of exploitable women and girls for the overwhelming majority of their workers.

I will not support institutions that teach us that women’s bodies and women’s sexuality are commodities that can be purchased at will by men who are entitled to them.

I will not support institutions that remove agency from sexuality by teaching girls that you need to behave a certain way in order to please men, or else those men will go elsewhere for their pleasure.

I will not support institutions that spread their version of sexuality into the culture as a whole, pushing humiliating and sometimes dangerous sex acts into the mainstream as a necessary part of “good sex,” that compels women to sculpt their bodies, inflate their breasts, mutilate and bleach their genitals to meet a pornified standard.

I will not support institutions that teach women that their pleasure is an afterthought in sex.

I will not support institutions where one person’s ease of orgasm is treated as more important than another person’s life.

If you focus on that 5%, if you pretend that 5% is what’s important, if you pretend that expanding that 5% is the primary goal instead of defeating that 95%, than you do support those institutions. You are complicit. And no amount of “anti-shaming” or “sex positive” rhetoric will cover that up, when anti-shaming means you will not talk about what is wrong, and when sex positive means you refuse to recognize when sexuality is being warped beyond recognition.

i like this, in general. readers, what do you think?

even if you support a woman’s right to engaged in sex-work, you must realize that liberal culture tends to focus only on the experiences of sex-workers who are privileged economically, racially, who are cis-gender, etc. who choose sex work while having other options. if you are forced into sex-work due to marginalization, you may very well feel oppressed by the same industry that liberates others.

i do think that everyone should have autonomy over their own personhood.  but many people have their personhood challenged by others, via racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, economics, etc.  those challenges manifest in societal structures, which in turn deny privilege and access to opportunities.  

we must give a voice to all sex-workers and listen to their needs/experiences.  all sex workers are stigmatized in society, and spoken for.  we need to listen to all of their voices, and give them support, as they see fit.  that support will not be the same for everyone, as “sex work” is not homogenous.

Here are two videos to consider: one, by American survivors of trafficking, the other by adult sex workers.  TRIGGER WARNING, ESPECIALLY for the Very Young Girls trailer.  If you watch the trailer on Youtube, be forewarned that the suggested videos on the side are exploitative and triggering.

Very Young Girls, a documentary about the sex-trafficking of American children in NYC. Highlights the work of Girls Education and Mentoring Services

Sex Workers Against Trafficking, by Red Light District Chicago

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my ramblings while watching a tv show about sex workers…(TW: violence against women, sexual assault)

…so glad this show isn’t totally biased.  they are discussing high end escorts and “street” prostitutes.  many of the high end escorts spoke of their “privileges,” i.e. they are middle class, highly educated, etc.

many of the “street” prostitutes speak of cohersion, and being introduced to prostitution as children.  everyone interviewed was a survivor of CSA.  they were also all from impoverished communities, and under educated, if you will.  

one important statement made: “prostitution is not homogeneous.” i feel like every pro-sex work discussion i’ve ever read begins by focusing on sex-workers who have masters degrees, worked in corporate America, and had choices before engaging in sex work. it seems that sex-workers who do not have such privileges, who are forced into sex work as children or adults, who have abusive pimps, etc, are overlooked…they carry a double stigma. they are disenfranchised in general and they are sex workers.  

luckily, a few organizations were highlighted, one being HIPS (shout out to DC!) who provides clean syringes, HIV education, safe sex materials, and also helps sex-workers transition out of sex work if they so choose.  they also have awesome things like knitting clubs!

the show discussed disability too, and what it means to live as a differently abled person with obvious sexual desires: the social stigma of being disabled in general, and the reality of being “desexualized” if you will. did you know that in The Netherlands, a disabled person can get a government grant to purchase sex up to 12 times a year?

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Thanks to Barack Obama, being a woman is no longer a pre-existing condition.

— Cecile Richards

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you&#8217;re welcome.

you’re welcome.

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The first woman ever admitted to Harvard Med School. Truly inspiring.

A Filipina woman named Fe del Mundo received an offer from the president of the Philippines for a full scholarship to attend any medical in the United States after graduating as valedictorian from the University of the Philippines in 1933. She decided to attend Harvard Medical School in 1936, even though HMS wasn’t admitting women at the time. Harvard only started officially accepting women to the medical school in 1945. Harvard was surprised to find that they admitted a woman to their all-male institution but they kept her because of her strong credentials. She even had to stay in a men’s dorm! 

Fe del Mundo would later go on to found the Fe del Mundo Medical Center, the first children’s hospital in the Philippines. She passed away 2 weeks ago at the age of 99.

I’d say Girl Power all the way! Wootwoot!

More of her super-awesomeness here.

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Talking about it (by SF AWS)

Asian Women’s shelter serves all women and all trans folks regardless of ethnicity! Please share with people you know! :)

The Underground Railroad was started on this day, August 2, in 1850.  

Rest in Power Mother Harriet, we are forever grateful.

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Many of the women we interviewed asked, “How many condoms is it legal to carry?” One wondered, “Why is the city giving me condoms when I can’t carry them without going to jail?” Some women said they continued to carry condoms despite the consequences. For others, fear of arrest trumped fears of sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. Most of those we interviewed told us they were afraid to carry the number of condoms they needed, and some — about 5 percent — told us they had unprotected sex with clients as a result.

this is terrible…

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